如果美國總統川普多跟Derek COWBURN交流,中美可能就不會打貿易戰了。If President Donald TRUMP has more communication with Derek COWBURN, the US-China trade war may not happen.

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 Derek 在海客思 Derek at HAX

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Derek 與馬雲在2016年深圳國際雙創周合影

Photo of Derek Cowburn (R) with Jack Ma (L) during the 2016 National Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week in Shenzhen

印第安納州能源創新企業LumenCache的創始人兼首席執行官Derek COWBURN (科伯恩) 2016年首次訪問深圳,源於中美科技界交流計劃“中美清潔能源研究聯合計劃”,過去兩年他在深圳華強北打造“不交流”計劃,他們的硬件產品正在研發的產品是直流電網絡。而不是使用我們已經使用130年的交流網電網絡。

Derek 在2016年加入世界最大硬件加速器HAX(海客思),開始在華強北0-1的歷程,與壹般初創企業不同的是,Derek 本身及團隊在業內已有壹定基礎。

Thanks to a Chinese-US joint program on clean energy research, Derek COWBURN, founder and chief executive officer of Indiana-based energy innovator LumenCache, visited Shenzhen for the first time in 2016.

Lured by Shenzhen’s manufacturing industry and eager to learn more about it, Cowburn applied to join HAX – one of the world’s largest hardware accelerators based in Futian District – and was accepted. He arrived in Shenzhen that year and started working and living in the city.

Derek created a hardware product that replaces the way we power the inside of buildings. His platform replaces traditional high-voltage AC power distribution in buildings with a new standard more appropriate to the low power needs and digital capabilities of electronic devices, such as LED lights.

“The piece that I’m working on is the DC networking. Instead of using alternating current that we’ve been using for 130 years, we use direct current which is what our electronics, solar panels and batteries use,” explained Derek.

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Derek (左)參加中美清潔能源論壇

Derek (left) in IAB Meeting Panel Discussion: Defining the Goals of CERC-BEE 2.0

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Derek 與中國清潔能源專家交流

Derek shared with Chinese clean technology experts


“My career started out building automation systems, the computers that run and operate buildings. I was an intern at a pharmaceutical campus in 1988 and was surrounded by really bright people in the smart building field. There were 4,000 scientists, engineers and businesspeople on this campus. They did manufacturing and research. The building controls were more complex than the controls that made the drugs,” he recalled.

從交流到直流 從無到有

From AC to DC, Wireless to Wired

Derek 的研究是顛覆性的,從交流電到直流電,同時要從無線到有線。他認為現時人們太迷戀無線產品,事實卻是如果器械是有線的,設計及操作會更簡單,只要有能源便可。而有線產品較無線產品更節能,因為不用壹直在連接訊號。

He has always been frustrated about the way the world is heading. “Right now, most companies have all these wireless products, which are very easy for startups to make. The problem is they never quite meet the reliability mark and they are not as efficient as a wired solution,” said Derek.

Derek的系統引起了勞倫斯伯克利國家實驗室和中國住建部的興趣,因為他們意識到這樣可以提高效率。最近更與全球喜馬拉雅探險隊的創始人Paras Loomba結緣,該組織尋求通過太陽能提供清潔能源,教育和無線連接。有助於提高農村人口生活水平的力量。

The system drew the interest of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the Chinese housing ministry because they realized that our product can improve efficiency. He was introduced to Paras Loomba, founder of the Global Himalayan Expedition, which is a group seeking to provide access to clean energy, education and wireless connectivity through solar power to help improve the living standards of rural populations.

LumenCache 最近中選了香港科學園牽頭的STARS項目,評委包括中電、智慧城市聯盟及阿裏巴巴創業基金等。Derek及其企業,將會成為深港科創協同發展的最佳例子。

LumenCache recently accepted by Hong Kong STARS program by a selection committee including CLP Power, SmartCity Consortium, and Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund. Derek will be the best model of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Sci-tech Innovation cooperation.

長居深圳 融入各階層

Lives as Shenzhener

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Derek 最愛共享單車

Derek loves shared bicycle (source: Shenzhen Daily)

Derek 在深圳主要活動在福田區,在購物公園居住,華強北工作,他最愛是騎著共享單車,往返這4公裏的距離,同時壹邊觀察這個城市豐活的生活場景。

對於Derek 來說,深圳人看來人人都很開心,即使他的中文水平有限,他也樂於溝通,同時發現在這裏有很多人正努力讓很多新事物發生,這將會帶來真正的工業革命。

Living near CocoPark and working in Huaqiangbei, Derek loves riding shared bikes to work every day, covering the 4-kilometer trip while watching the rich life in the district.

For Derek, it’s incredible that everybody looks happy here. “Even with my limited language, I love meeting people here. There are so many people and so many things going on all the time in Shenzhen. There are so many people eager to be part of something really industry-changing.”

想聽聽Derek COWBURN的故事,想與華強北織夢者交流,請參與壹帶壹路才聚華強北第七期。

Please join us for the 7th Happy Hour @ HQB to share the stories of Derek COWBURN and meet other dream makers.

Derek COWBURN, LumenCache创始人

從交流到直流 從無線到有線

時間:8月21日(星期二) 17:00-19:00

地點:賽格廣場12樓 賽格眾創空間咖啡吧


費用 :免費

Derek COWBURN, Founder, LumenCache

From AC to DC, Wireless to Wired

Time: August 21 (Tuesday) 17:00-19:00

Venue: Coffee Bar, SegMaker+, 12/F SEG Plaza

Language: English (Brief translation if needed)

Fees: Free


中美交流帶來“不交流” Derek COWBURN的華強北故事 @HQB
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