Do you know where Xinguang village in Dongguan is and where Yangtou village in Fujian is? A lot of rural people moved to urban cities for their future but the celebrated international city planner went to these two villages for our future.

For Jason HILGEFORT, Academic Director of FUTURE+Aformal , rural area can embrace open source with technology fully utilized.

The Practice of Fab Village

In February, 2017, David LI, the founder of SZOIL(Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab)and Jason HILGEFORT sponsored a brainstorming event with students from different backgrounds who expressed interest in the Open Source Village Project in Xinguang.


David LI discussed with Jason HILGEFORT about Fab Village


SZOIL is the first Fab Lab in Shenzhen authorized by MIT CBA as a research and development partner of FabLab 2.0.


Jason HILGEFORT in Xinguang village


The draft of the map of Fab Village

Fab Village 2.0

In summer of 2018, Jason HILGEFORT and the team came to Yangtou village in Fujian Province with their project Fab Village. Yangtou village was economically underdeveloped, and the villagers had to rely on the weather to sustain the local beekeeping and fishery.The practice of Fab Village offered new solutions to the village. With a smart beehive monitoring daily activities and habitats of bees, the output increases and the quality is enhanced. Besides, ROV could not only detect the water quality of the fish ponds, but also clean the groundwater and observe the underwater organism. It improves the local fishery development while maintains the ecological environment.

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Smart Beehives



 From Maker to Market

Hong Kong Innovation Services is the organizer of Happy Hour @ HQB and integrating the AgriTech globally from Brazil, Israel, Korea, Japan, Austria and US.


Ms. LAW Yee Ping, managing director of the company joined the sharing in SZOIL in July 14 and talked to David LI and Jason HILGEFORT afterwards, planning to establish the long-term Fab Village bases in Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen city and also the other cities in Greater Bay Area.


LAW Yee Ping joined the discussion on Fab Village


“The Fab Village will be one of the sources of AgriTech and can be commercialized to bring resources for sustainable development.” Ms. LAW said.


It is our honor to have Jason HILGEFORT to be our guest speaker of 6th Happy Hour @ HQB. He will share with us the imagination and reality of Fab Village.



Jason HILGEFORT is an urban designer, architect and writer from US.  He is the Academic Director at FUTURE+Aformal Academy of Urbanism in Shenzhen, founder of Land+Civilization Compositions. He worked with David LI for the “Maker Village” in Shawei Village in Futian District for experiment of Fab City. The Maker Village project was chosen as the top 20 in the Belt and Road Cities Road Show, organized by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the South-South Cooperation Finance Center (FCSSC) in June 2018.  Jason is also in charge of planning Fab Village, another internationally eye-catching project.



Jason studied urban planning and design at The University of Cincinnati and architecture at The University of British Columbia – Vancouver. He won Europan 11 in Vienna. Jason is also a contributor to uncube Magazine and SITE Magazine.

 The sixth Happy Hour @ HQB


Time: August 7 (Tuesday) 17:00-19:00

Venue: Coffee Bar, SegMaker+, 12/F SEG Plaza

Language: English (Brief translation if needed)

Fees: Free

Fab Village: Integration of International Intelligent| Happy Hour @HQB
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