It is extremely hot recently but we have some cool stuffs. We can share the cool ideas of FashionTech or XFashion with Shannon Hoover, co-founder of MakeFashion, with the cool beer or iced fruit tea in SegMaker+ at 17:00-19:00 in May 29 (Tuesday).

The Happy Hour @ HQB is organized by the government of Huaqiangbei street Sub-district and SegMaker+, the national grade makerspace. Hong Kong Innovation Services is co-organizator.




The colour and pattern of the tie of Shannon is changeable.


Shannon Hoover with the young innovators in Maker Faire Hong Kong.

Shannon Hoover co-found MakeFashion in Calgary, Canada and now the team is leading FashionTech or XFashion team in the world. Their sogan is Make Fashion, Change the World. Shannon is in Shenzhen recently to help more than 20 teams of young innovators to design and make their XFashion. He will share with us the interesting story and their plan for XFashion 4 School with Hong Kong Innovation Services in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.


The team from MG Space will show their great work and share with the audiences.


The Happy Hour @ HQB has the theme every time but the brand storming is more than welcomed. The participants can bring their great ideas to us on site or make some suggestion for next time.

Time: May 19 (Tuesday) 17:00-19:00

Venue: Coffee Bar, SegMaker+, 12/F SEG Tower

Language: English (Brief translation if needed)

Fees: Free


Happy Hour @HQB |Plan of Xfashion/Fashion Tech in education
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