Headquartered in Shenzhen, ARTOP Group is the largest design company in China (may be the largest in the world) with employed more than 1,000 designers (the others of the world with the cooperated designers) Our guest speaker of 8th Happy Hour @ HQB is CHENG Yunhao, a post-90’s pioneer, Director of Innovation Architecture of Shenzhen Artop Kaiwu Technology Co., Ltd, which belongs to the ARTOP Group.


CHENG Yunhao

Shenzhen Artop Kaiwu Technology Co., Ltd relies on design innovation capability of the completed industry chain which focuses on industry design, as well as the accumulated resources and experience in the past 20 years of ARTOP Group to provide cutting edge cross-industry innovation, big data communication training, cross-platform technical resource integration, symbiotic platform which sustainably creating new types of service for transformation of supply and demand, increasing individual needs, brand new consumption upgrade. From innovative customized experience service and comprehensive new talents development as well as creatively communicating to build two brands: CREATIVE HAUS BY AG D+M, TOPCORPS.

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CREATIVE HAUS BY AG D+M in Upper Hills, Shenzhen


The national plan of TOPCORPS


TOPCORPS, means knowing everything and the arts of technology and this leader of TOPCORPS, joined in ARTOP after he graduated with an industrial design degree in 2015, previously he worked as an industrial designer who focusing on the field of design, the products design of military industry, medical, equipment, banking, gaming, etc. Later on he proceeded commercial innovation practice, architecture design, service design, etc., participated in leading the top-level architecture design, product line planning and framework planning of enterprise development, providing annual innovation services for billions of companies.


Huaqiangbei is the heaven of smart hardware; nowadays the main force of global smart hardware consumers is young people. CHENG Yunhao will tell us how to look at the increasingly youngster consumer market, and analyze the innovation demand and service orientation with a more global perspective. Facing the commercial operation of youngster market, your thought must be mature.


Happy Hour @ HQB is organized by Sub-district Government of Huaqiangbei and SEG Innovation Center Limited, acting-organized by SegMaker+ and Hong Kong Innovation Services Limited. ARTOP will be one of the co-organizers, cooperating with Sub-district Government of Huaqiangbei、SegMaker+ and Hong Kong Innovation Services Limited to help international innovation entrepreneurs for making top-level smart hardware in Huaqiangbei.


Ms. LAW Yee Ping, the Managing Director of Hong Kong Innovation Services Limited, pointed that there are more and more international talents arriving Hauqiangbei to accelerate their projects and they desperately need local industrial designers with international perspectives. Hong Kong Innovation Services Limited currently working on integrating the celebrated project in SegMaker+, August Robotics from Australia (guest speaker of 4th Happy Hour @HQB) with ARTOP on adopting its industry design.

Join us for the 8th Happy Hour @ HQB

New Blood for H/W  Young Director from ARTOP

CHENG Yunhao Director of Innovation Architecture, Shenzhen Artop Kaiwu Technology

Time: September 4 (Tuesday)  17:00-19:00

Venue: Coffee Bar, SegMaker+, 12/F SEG Tower

Language: Chinese (Translation to English if needed)

Fees: Free


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