Professor Dan SHECHTMAN, the 2011 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry as well as Professor Emeritus at the Israel Institute of Technology, has formed the company Nobel Early Education Ltd., together with Ms. LAW Yee Ping, Managing Director of Hong Innovation Services Ltd. and 3D-Inno International Ltd., to promote STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) education in Hong Kong and Greater China. Nobel Early Education Ltd. has already started negotiation for cooperation with leading institutions in both Hong Kong and China to promote his Nobel Inspired Lab.

On the 26th of August 2017, the 1st International Forum on Children’s Leadership Education was held at the Langham Hotel in Shenzhen. Professor SHECHTMAN held a presentation, revealing to more than 200 early educators and investors his plan of the “Nobel Scientific Kindergarten”.

IMG_6877Professor SHECHTMAN giving a presentation

IMG_6878Ms. LAW Yee Ping on the stage assisting with translation

Professor SHECHTMAN mentioned that today’s society strongly needs more scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs, as a key to world peace and prosperity. To make young talented people like science, engineering and entrepreneurship, we should start educating them as soon possible – in kindergarten.

Internationally, Professor SHECHTMAN is known as “the father of the science of quasi-periodic materials”. At his home country Israel, he has taught for more than 30 years “Technological Entrepreneurship” at the Technion University, hereby educating more than 10,000 engineers, of whom 25% became entrepreneurs. Prof. SHECHTMAN has been advocating the Scientific Kindergarten since 2012, and today he has opened the program in some 16 Scientific Kindergartens.

Today in China, Prof. SHECHTMAN pointed out, women have only 1.6 children on average while in Israel 3.1. Consequently, when China’s children grow up, they need to take care of more elderly people, hereby making the need for Scientific Kindergartens so urgent.


Professor SCHECHTMAN reveals his plan of the Scientific Kindergarten.
Professor SHECHTMAN, in Hebrew called “Professor Dan”, also presents a TV show on the national Israel education channel called “To Be a Scientist with Professor Dan”. He hopes to cooperate with 3D-Inno International Ltd. and her partners, to promote a Chinese version of the popular science series for children in China.

“To Be a Scientist with Professor Dan” – although the TV show is in Hebrew, you can get a grasp of Professor Dan’s humorous side.


3D-Inno’s Managing Director, Ms. LAW Yee Ping, declared to be “very honored” to have received the trust of Professor SHECHTMAN to form the Nobel Early Education Ltd. in Hong Kong, and to use Hong Kong’s advantageous professional and legal system, to transfer and license high quality education materials from Israel and other countries, to Hong Kong, Shenzhen and other cities in Mainland China.


The establishment of Nobel Early Education Ltd. in Hong Kong by Prof. SHECHTMAN and Ms. LAW Yee Ping.

3D-Inno International Ltd. was one of the co-organizers of the 1st International Forum on Children’s Leadership Education. The main organizers of the event were Jonathan SO, the creator of the world-famous cartoon “Pleasant Goat & Big Big Wolf” and founder of Jonathan’s Innovative International School & Kindergarten and financial genius YU Haotian, CEO of the Huayang Early Education Group. The presented plans of a “Future Nobel Inspired Leadership Lab”, will affect China’s entire education industry.

IMG_6881The opening ceremony of the “Future Nobel Inspired Leadership Lab” at the 1st International Forum on Children’s Leadership Education in Shenzhen.


Jonathan SO stressed the importance of “play” as a part of children’s education. After the hit series “Pleasant Goat”, Jonathan has invested much in education, and working together with education experts, he has developed some 1,200 educational apps, the Milpad tablet, an AR learning software as well as popular science comics – all to stimulate secondary school children to self-explore, learn in a playful way and to develop their full potential. His goal is to support kindergarten teachers and parents to better and scientifically proven educate children, hereby working together with the University of Southern California (USC), a world-leading university in the field of pedagogy.

IMG_6882Jonathan SO giving a presentation.

Haotian YU, the Dean of Huayang Business School and CEO of Huayang Early Education Group, has the ambition to open the Nobel Inspired Lab in 5000 Chinese kindergartens within 3 years. He proposed to collaborate with Professor Shechtman and Ms. LAW Yee Ping, to jointly pursue this major endeavor. Both parties especially agree on the importance of teacher training (Teach the Teachers) and parent mentorship (Promote Positive Parents).


IMG_6884YU Haotian, the dean of Huayang Business School, giving a presentation.

IMG_6885From left to right: Jonathan SO, Professor SHECHTMAN, Ms. LAW Yee Ping, YU Haotian


Israel Start-Up Nation and the Amplification Effect of China

Professor SCHECHTMAN has been promoting cooperation between Israel and China for the past 30 years. He notes that the Israeli and Chinese people have a lot in common: they are both smart, hard working and value family. He wishes to achieve concrete collaborations, to promote the early education Scientific Kindergarten, and hereby sharing the successful experiences of Israel’s 8 million population with China’s 1.3 billion citizens.


Nobel Laureate “Professor Dan” reveals his Early Education Nobel Inspired Lab
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