Some foreign and local friends post interesting photos and videos on their WeChat recent week, to show the effort of not using the single-use plastic products. They refused the straws, reused the plastic bags, repaired the used plastic, recycled the plastic stuffs and reduced the usage of plastic.

They just joined an interesting campaign: PLASTIC FREE FRIDAY.


It is hard to eliminate plastic from our everyday lives, because it is everywhere. The most important start to the reduction in our dependence on plastic is to become aware of our actions. Most of the time people do not even stop to think about the consequences of buying single-use plastic products.


SO here’s the plan… Green Foot has held a campaign from July 13, 2018 called PLASTIC FREE FRIDAY! It is only 1 day a week when we should avoid buying/consuming single-use plastic products!


Living without plastic sounds easy, but it can be harder than you think. When going out to buy food or drinks, or even clothes… the products usually contain some plastic packaging or materials. Most of the items used in our society have plastic in the packaging/material. When going to the grocery store, you look around, only to find almost everything is packaged in plastic.




Ms.Angela Wang, founder of Green Foot Environment Care Community, will share with us the meaning of PLASTIC FREE FRIDAY. The Sichuang lady graduated from Central South University as an Electronic and Information Technology Engineer with good English and international vision. She likes to travel to explore the world and see different life and values. She likes to try new things, go on adventure. For her, life is about exploring and experiencing, expanding the border and trying out possibilities.


Green Foot with volunteers cleaned the sea side in Shenzhen

Join us for the fifth Happy Hour @ HQB.

Time: July24 (Tuesday) 17:00-19:00

Venue:Coffee Bar, SegMaker+, 12/F SEG Plaza

Language: English (Brief translation if needed)

Fees: Free


PLASTIC FREE FRIDAY: Small Change to Big Difference| Happy Hour @ HQB
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