STEM is a newly invented education concept in overseas which emphasizes children should experience with hands on. Children should learn Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and build up their problem solving capability instead of knowledge only. Recently, STEM became the most important part for the development of American education. Even Mr. Barack Hussein Obama had re-stated that the innovative education, STEM, is an utmost important part of the national talent program. With further investment into science, technology, engineering and math, it can cultivate students into the technology sector. Thus, regarding to the competition between countries, number of people with STEM education would determine how success of a country.


Hong Kong Innovation Services Limited (HKIS) and 3D-INNO International Limited (3D-INNO) corporate with international and national business partners in order to unify resources for initiating STEAM Inspire Lab in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. With adding the Arts, this can combine the usage of FDM 3D printer, 3D pens and Polymorph altogether. So the beginner can easily access to 3D modeling and 3D printing techniques.


Light up Thousand Hearts


One of the most important projects of STEAM is the Maker Faire Hong Kong which was held in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University on November, 2015. We worked with 3D JollyFab Center to facilitate 1,000 participants to use 3D pens to furnish the Light Up Thousand Hearts. Every participants used 3D pens to make a heart-shape figure and 4 heart-shape figure which would be used to make a clover. Clover represents hope, confident, love and luck.


Using 3D pen to create“Mary-me

We worked with 3D JollyFab Center to complete a project named as “Mary-me with flexible and PLA 3D printing materials. And “Mary-mehad been display at China Hi-Tech Fair in November, 2015 with expressing a concept of combining soft and hard techniques. Due to the fact that “Mary-meis the combination between art and technology, it can prove the education concept of STEAM.


Display at China Hi-Tech Fair

Ms. LAW Yee Ping, Managing Director of 3D-INNO tailor-made
the Angel Wings of ”Mary-me” with 3D pen


3D-INNOBOT: customize your own robot

Other than Mary-me, 3D-INNO also works with business partner in order to develop a set of education kit, 3D-INNOBot. It can assist the new generation to learn from fun and become a happy, fun maker which can fully accompany to the education concept of STEAM.


3D-INNOBot is a kit and service. Firstly, we would pre-set that the PCB to connect with Wechat. Once the beginner has learned the 3D modelling and 3D printing, they can build up their own robot with using the Wechat as the control panel instead of other Apps. In order to further increase the satisfaction, we have already designed some models from open source which can accompany to toys like LEGO. Thus, it can overcome the challenges for using only one printing material on 3D printers. 3D-INNOBot can also act as a tool for team building. We have makers from Hong Kong, England, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Dongguan, etc. They can collaborate with each other and further enhance the design.


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